How far back does a criminal background check go?

How do background check reporting requirements vary by state?

Prices vary based upon services, packages and volume of employment background checks requested. Please contact CHECK to discuss your specific needs, and a customer support representative will be happy to assist you with pricing. We can customize any background screening service to find the right job candidate and job application. The pre-employment check packages below are our most popular types of online background screening packages. Please fill out our free quote form , prices vary based on volume. Then we check each County and City where the applicant has resided for Felonies and Misdemeanor convictions.

A Nationwide Sexual Offender search is included! This is for potential employees who drive as part of their job responsibilities, as well as individuals who travel and work independently. A driving record verification may reveal information that some court records do not classify as criminal like alcohol-related offenses. Within these areas, we offer a wide range of certified check solutions to protect your business.

We will also help ensure you are hiring the right people and job search applicant by helping you run a background screening! This is will be provided by the client or applicant. Learn more. This contains sex offender public records from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Crimcheck will perform a county level criminal record check. We will search or conviction information and open cases in any county identified by the Social Security Trace. We will also identify the subject to the pre-employment background screening as a county of residence.

We will search certain federal district courts in the United States. Federal district courts handle cases in which individuals are charged with federal crimes. Crimcheck will search for conviction information in any jurisdiction identified by the Social Security Trace. Or it will be identified by the individual subject to the background screening as a location of current residence. These are obtained from many sources throughout the United States. This service provides a useful, broad-based people search tool to complement county-level and state-level searches selected by the client.

The National Criminal Database is not comprehensive, however. It contains limited or no personal information pertaining to certain state laws and localities. Crimcheck will only report criminal records found in the National Criminal Database. If we can successfully verify the record at the original source e. Comprehensive solutions. Whether a standard hourly pre-employment screen, social security traces, drug tests or civil litigation checks.

Send your applicant a link and have them complete and submit their own information.

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There is even an applicant pay option. Other Background check elements provide for verification of provided information — and the information developed in the course of handling is what we would call qualitative information. How well will they perform on the job? Do they have the education needed? Imagine if you will, placing a candidate for a customer service position at a large bank.

Without the necessary checks for a criminal history or for credit problems to determine the security risk you might not know that the person you are placing has a history of fraudulent activity or because of severe credit problems has a financial motive to commit fraud. The news is full of articles pertaining to data theft by employees; Morgan Stanley, the well-known Hedge Fund has had multiple cases of customer data being stolen by employees.

In Seattle police have charged a former Boeing employee with 16 counts of computer trespass for the alleged theft of , files, as well as leaking them to a Seattle-area daily newspaper. And so on, it is not hard to find examples. Employee criminal activity is not limited to data theft. In A year-old former employee of Woodbine Racetrack has been charged with supplying steroids and other illicit drugs to the horse racing industry, on Dec 21 st a janitor of a nursing home was charged for the sexual assault of a nursing home resident.

It turns out the employee had a history of 22 criminal convictions.

How far back does a credit report go?

From a best practices standpoint it is prudent to, at a minimum, ensure that employees you hire do not have a history of criminal activity or a financial drive to commit a crime. As a dedicated watcher of Law and Order I have learned that with every crime there are two main elements — Motive and Opportunity. The opportunity is what we need to look at first when we decide to do a credit check on a candidate. Will the person have access to financial data like consumer credit card numbers or saleable personal information?

Will the person have access to cash or have signing authority? Will they have the opportunity to generate their own fees? If so the decision to do a credit check is fairly simple, in fact it may be prescribed by a compliance requirement from a regulatory authority as in the case of Payment Card Industry.

Once the decision is made to do the credit check, what should you look for? For motive you need to look at a financial need for money.

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Most people are honest enough, but sometimes circumstances push them over the invisible line between right and wrong. When people are in serious financial distress, the motivation factor increases substantially. Understandably, we can all look at our bank accounts and feel that we have a need for more money, especially if you have teenage daughters — but in this case we are looking for a real need for money. When we discuss motive and opportunity we are leaving out an extremely important element to this process — historical information.

Gathering all this information is a fairly simple process. With an applicant informed consent, it is a simple matter collecting the information and you are done.

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The easy part is complete. Now on to the most difficult part, what to do with the data. As with most things in life, analyzing the credit information can be a simple process or more complex. A simple approach is to use the credit score. A score is assigned based on scientifically established criteria and is based on the likelihood that a similar person will have financial difficulty in the foreseeable future.

Some companies assign a benchmark credit score — for example When applying the score — anyone with a score exceeding is a pass, anyone below is a fail.


This type of process does present some inherent issues. To worsen the situation they may hunt around for a mortgage causing a number of credit inquiries in a short period of time. These events could push an ordinary credit worthy individual into a position of having a poor credit score.

This brings us to the most complex process of actually analyzing the credit file. Unfortunately, within the confirms of this presentation we do not have the time to go through all the factors that should be addressed during this review, I would be pleased to discuss this with any of you on how to analyze a credit file. As with the credit information, criminal record information can also be either a simple or more complex process.

In simple terms, if you do a search and the report shows no criminal record — then the process is simple. So, what do you do with the information? Should any criminal record conviction immediately disqualify a candidate from a position? I am pleased to stand here before you today and unequivocally tell you the answer to this question is a simple yes, no and maybe.

Yes, because a criminal record search is also partially an honesty check. When an applicant filled out the application and they were asked if they had a criminal record — more often than we would like to see, people answer no and the results come back that they do indeed have a criminal record. Because they simply do not believe that anyone will check — and unfortunately, in a lot of cases they are correct remember the janitor referred to earlier? Dishonesty like this should be an immediate no to proceeding with the candidate.

How to Check Someone's Employment History

The no and maybe position of the answer stand together — because each position carries with it various degrees of security risks.