How to Change the Name on Your Birth Certificate

You must provide the required documents listed below to show the correct spelling. If the first and last names are missing from the birth certificate, these can be added without a court order. If the first name is missing, and the last name on the record is different from the last name the person uses, the last name on the record will be updated when the first name is added.

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You must provide the required documents listed below to show the name that is in use. You must submit one or more of the following documents to the Vital Statistics Administration:.

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The Department may require additional documents. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Skip to main content. Accept cookies.

How to Make Changes to Your Child's Iowa Birth Certificate

Cookie settings. Home Childcare and parenting Divorce, separation and legal issues. Correct a birth registration. What the correction looks like If your application is approved, a correction is made in the register in the office for the area where your child was born. Print entire guide.

Correct a birth registration

Related content Certifying a document Order a copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate. Explore the topic Certificates, register offices, changes of name or gender Divorce, separation and legal issues. A mother, or father, cannot change a child's surname by herself or himself unless she or he is the only person with parental responsibility.

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Even then if the other parent objects a Court Order should be made. Any child who has sufficient legal understanding may apply in their own right for the Court's permission to change their name.

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A name can effectively be changed by common usage but this normally relates to first names only and will not usually be legally enforceable. The easiest way of obtaining a formal proof may be to make a statutory declaration in front of a solicitor confirming the change of name.

This is usually sufficient for banks, work and the Passport Office, etc. For a change of name to be fully legally recognised, the person having parental responsibility for the child can execute a Deed Poll which is a legal document containing personal information about the child and which will later be advertised in the London Gazette by the Court. The child must sign the Deed Poll as evidence of consent, if that child is aged between 16 and 18 years. It is not a requirement for the deed poll to be enrolled.

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How to change your child's surname

The process of enrolment doesn't affect the legal status of your name. It isn't more or less legally recognised than an unenrolled deed poll.

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It's simply a matter of making a safe and public record of your change of name. The Deed Poll must be supported by an Affidavit, a solemn promise that the proposed change of name will be for the benefit of the child. For more information on how to change your child's surname, visit the website of Deed Poll Office where there is vast information on this and more.

What Else You Need to Know

No, they must have the written agreement of anyone else with parental responsibility or if not, consent of the Court. The Court can overrule the other parent but only after careful consideration of all the facts. An unmarried father can get legal responsibility for his child in 1 of 3 ways:. This is because the law is fast moving towards giving unmarried fathers greater involvement in their children's lives, even where they do not have parental responsibility.

If aged between 16 and 18 a child can generally change their name themselves but the consent of any person having responsibility for that child may be required. Yes, if the Court is involved the child may well be consulted, if not the child could apply to the Court. It varies according to which route you take and who is involved.

Ask your solicitor to tell you all the costs before taking any steps.