Identify calls from unknown numbers

An owner who wants the publicity will describe himself in detail through these pages.

Page through the blog to look for a name or an email address. The owner may have casually mentioned this in one of the posts.

Cell Phone Carrier Lookup - Identify Mobile Network from Number

Use the email address to write to the creator and ask him to identify himself. This is the database managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is the entity that tracks website ownership information. Owners who wish to remain anonymous may hide their information through a holding company.

Contact the holding company by mail or phone and ask for ownership information. You will need to provide a credible reason as to why you need this. Perhaps you want to get in touch with an old friend, buy the blog or consult privately with a guru you admire. The holding company may forward your request to the owner who may respond to you privately. Provide several points of contact such as physical address, email address, website, Facebook page name, landline number, business address, business number and cell phone number. This gives the owner several options for reaching you.

Perform an Internet search for the blog name, blog URL, blog IP address, email address mentioned in posts or names mentioned in posts. The owner may have advertised his site on other forums, blogs or Web pages, and left his contact information there. You can also try contacting the owner of the site on which the WordPress blog was mentioned to see if she has any information on the blog owner. Aurelio Locsin has been writing professionally since Have a question about Phone Carrier Lookup results?

Check out Phone Carrier Lookup documentation here.


Start a trial now and receive validations. Then save time and money by reaching out via the proper channel. Providing the carrier shows that you are familiar with the recipient. This reduces the chance of your message being handled as unsolicited. Providing the phone carrier lookup information also helps text messaging servers. It allows them to determine most efficient delivery route for your message.

5 Best Ways to Find a Cell Phone Number Online

Knowing if the number is a landline, cell, or VoIP allows you to reach the recipient through the right channel. Not all carriers are created equally. Identify carriers commonly associated with fraud and add additional check points. Our service provides the absolute latest information available. Carrier Lookup uses the exact same data the carriers use to identify mobile network from number and route traffic into and out of their system.

Beware of phone carrier lookup services that only tell you the default carrier based on area code and exchange.

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Today phone numbers are moved from landlines to cell phones and from carrier to carrier on a regular basis. As a result if the data you are receiving is not real-time information you are out of date. Phone Carrier Lookup provides you with real-time data you can count on. The validation tab can be reached from the menu on the left or the icon on the top of the page. Carrier Lookup is located in the Select Validation Method dropdown menu. You can select choose file and browser for your file or simply drag and drop. Files are processed as received. Depending on volume your file should be returned anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes.

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