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Car manufacturers continued to attempt to launch hybrid cars until , when it was clear the hybrid was not going to beat the affordable petrol and diesel powered cars that were also available.

Climate Change

The manufacturing of hybrid cars then lay dormant for the next 45 years, as diesel and petrol cars took over thanks to their convenience and affordability. Hybrid cars then took a backseat in car manufacturing until the s, when their popularity started to creep into the car market once more.

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Toyota, was the first to break the market and introduced the Toyota Prius to the public in This was swiftly followed by Hondas Insight, launched in America and Japan two years later, in Both models featured a petrol engine that was used to power a generate an electric motor, allowing the car to run on dual efforts. In fact, most of the major car companies have recognised the trend for a more eco-friendly approach, and have launched their own version of the hybrid car.

Hybrid Car Facts : History of the Hybrid Car

BMW has even brought a sporty element to hybrids by launching its 'Plug-in hybrid' series, making hybrid cars much less conventional-looking and more fun. The success of the modern day hybrid is largely down to the environmental qualities it holds. With the main focus for modern motorists being greener, it is no surprise the hybrid car is, once again, having its day.

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A modern hybrid car will produce around 9kgs of carbon dioxide in the air for every miles you drive, compared to a whopping 34kgs from a standard fuel car. Imagine that over a lifetime of the average car — it soon adds up!

As well as being kind to the environment, hybrid cars are also kind on your wallet with the cost of re-fuelling being kept at a minimum per mile. The average hybrid car can go an average That may not seem like a big difference but every mile counts, and an extra three per litre will go a long way.

Hybrids Today

Hybrid vs. Hybrid cars hit the market Hybrid cars then took a backseat in car manufacturing until the s, when their popularity started to creep into the car market once more. Share with your friends …. Get a quote.

History of Hybrid Cars

We know about hybrid cars and their impressive sales over the past several years, but how do they actually work? Just what is it inside of that car that allows it to get much better mileage -- something we all want, especially in the summer when gas prices, it seems, are always climbing -- than traditional vehicles?

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  5. AutoMD has put together the infographic embedded below in an attempt to help shed a little light on how hybrid engines function. Focusing on the third generation of the Toyota Prius, which debuted in , AutoMD covers the various components and explains how they all work together.

    Infographics are always a bit of a hodgepodge of statistics culled from a variety of sources.

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    6. Here, we sort through the clutter and pull out some of our favorite facts and figures:.