According to the state of North Dakota, the term unclaimed property, which may be used interchangeably with the term abandoned property, refers to accounts held by companies or financial institutions where there has been no activity or contact with the owner of the account for a specific period of time. North Dakota has only a small portion of the unclaimed money available in the United States. You can begin your search for unclaimed money in North Dakota at their unclaimed property page. One of the things that you will notice is that the first part of the North Dakota unclaimed money search page only gives you the option of searching by last or business name and first name.

It does not include the additional parameters you might find in other searchable databases, such as city, zip code, or property id number.

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To keep our tutorials consistent, we use the same name for our searches in every tutorial. In addition, we chose a very common name: Bob Smith. The reason we chose a common name is because there are some common pitfalls that searchers encounter when looking for fairly common names. By taking you step by step through a search using a common name, we can share our tips for how to avoid some of those pitfalls, so that you can meaningfully narrow down your search results.

We begin the search by looking for the last name Smith. While the search narrows down the results below the 1, result parameter, it still resulted with potential hits:. Also, beginning your search brings up the opportunity to put in additional search parameters.

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Those search parameters include: first name, city, zip code, and property ID:. We add in the first name Bob to help narrow down results. Using Bob Smith does not actually remove any of the search results, because it still shows results. Instead, what it does is prioritize the search results. Interestingly enough, there do not appear to be any properties in the name Bob.

However, there are properties listed under names that are frequently used when one is named bob, such as Robert. These names are then listed at the top of the search results:. To narrow down the results even more, you can use one of the additional search parameters, such as city, zip code, or property ID number. If you have a property ID number, that is a great tool to use in a search. However, if you do not, using a city can be a good way to limit your potential results. If you do that, just make sure and run the same search for each city if you lived in multiple cities.

For our example, we chose the city of Fargo:.

Attorney General: Unclaimed Property

This narrows down the possible results to unclaimed properties, though none are exact matches to the name Bob Smith, but instead just the last name smith, with a few Robert Smith names at the top of the list. There is not a significant amount of information available from these overviews, but there should be enough information to help you determine whether or not you own the property.

Looking at each record, there is an owner name, a co-owner name if applicable , a holder name, the city, the zip code, the amount of the claim, and the property ID numbers.

To claim a property, you hit the claim button in the selection an action column. When you do so, you will notice a change in the left hand column. It will change it from the claim button to an x that gives you the option to remove the property from your claimed list:. After you have claimed the properties, you can hit one of the view claimed properties buttons on the page. You will notice one in the top right and one in the bottom right of the screen:. After hitting this view claimed properties button, you are taken to an overview page, where you can review all of the properties that you have chosen to claim.

If you have made any errors, you can remove the property at this stage:. You will also notice that, on this page there is a space for you to choose the claimant relationship. This means the relationship that you have to the original property owner. The options that you have when selecting the claimant relationship include: owner, estate, business, and legal representative:.

Picking a claimant relationship is not optional; you must pick a claimant relationship if you want to proceed to the next step. After you do that, you can hit the file claim button. That button is located near the top right of the screen:. Contact Human Resources. All Rights Reserved. Resource Library. Public Services.

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What forms do I need? How does it work? Find it! Search the database to see if you have any unclaimed property. Claim it! If you find it, we'll help you claim it. Report it!

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Financial institutions, insurance companies and corporations are required to report contents of safe deposit boxes, bank accounts, wages, insurance benefits, security deposits, stock dividends and other property to our office if they remain unclaimed for three or more years. This often happens due to name changes after marriage or divorce, an unreported change of address or expired postal forwarding order, incomplete or illegible records, and following an untimely death. Here this lost cash awaits your claim.

But this isn't just a big state phenomenon. The U. The same is true for pensions and retirement accounts - little effort is made to find lost beneficiaries and missing heirs. Don't be fooled by websites offering memberships with monthly billing. Find Unclaimed Funds and Missing Money. Last year 2. Act now!

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Unclaimed Property and Abandoned Funds Search. Think again! No effort is made to locate the missing - owners and family members of deceased relatives must initiate a search. Savings Bond Search. Life Insurance Compensation Search. Unclaimed IRA Search. Families of deceased workers forget to claim billions more. Missing k Search. Missing Inheritances Are you heir to unclaimed property or an unknown inheritance?

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T rustees are holding billions in unclaimed money and forgotten property owed relatives of deceased family members who can't be found because they've moved or changed name after marriage or divorce. Missing Inheritance Search. Bank Account Search. Unclaimed Pension Search.