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According to reports , the couple opted for the Somerset Chapel to exchange their vows, which features beautiful arched windows that let the perfect light flood in all day. The space seats , but the pair kept it more intimate by having only guests in attendance, including Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner , model Joan Smalls, and Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun. Before the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails in the lobby lounge of the inn; afterward, they made their way over to the Wilson Ballroom for the reception. The 7,square-foot space looks out on the grand lawn, and the Biebers, with the help of celebrity party planner Mindy Weiss , outfitted the space with candles, white tablecloths, and cream-colored shrubbery.

The newlyweds made use of the entire property by hosting an on-site rehearsal dinner at the Moreland Landing venue, which was built in by sculptor and craftsman Wayne Edwards. Bieber has released just a couple of photos so far from the big day: two from a photo booth kissing his wife and one of a watch he bought himself as a wedding gift. The probate judge or clerk will process your application.

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The fee varies by county and residency. The marriage license application will ask for your name, birth surname, birthdate, birthplace, race, sex, residence, total prior marriages, and social security number or alien identification number. You and your prospective spouse must apply together in person.


Applying absentee is not an option. If you're 16 or 17 years old, you can marry with the consent of a custodial parent or guardian. Consent can be granted in person or by sworn affidavit. State law allows a female below the age of 18 to marry without parental consent if she's pregnant or have given birth to a child. The biological father also doesn't need parental consent. Pregnancy or prior birth must be proven with a certificate or report from a licensed physician. The course must be taken together.

Show your certificate of completion when applying to have your license properly notated. Your marriage license will be ready for pick up 24 hours after filing your application. Remember, most probate courts are closed weekends. The mandatory hour wait can't be waived, nor will a license be issued in advance showing tomorrow's "effective" date. In addition to showing photo ID, minors must surrender an original or certified copy of their birth, baptismal, or hospital certificate.

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The consenting parent must bring ID. If divorced, bring a certified copy of the divorce decree proving custody. Guardians, bring ID and proof of guardianship. Some probate courts will ask to see your social security card or another document containing your social security number.

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You don't have to get a premarital blood test. However, you'll be given information on family planning. Some probate courts will ask to see a certified copy of your divorce decree, especially if divorced within the past year. Changing your name after marriage in South Carolina isn't automatic. The name change process utilizes your marriage certificate to authorize various federal and state organizations to honor your request. They must be alerted individually, starting with the Social Security Administration. You can be married by a minister of the gospel, rabbi, notary public, official authorized to administer oaths, or leader of a state-recognized Indian entity.

Your marriage license must be returned to the issuing probate court for recording and indexing within 15 days after the ceremony. You can't get married by proxy by using a stand-in to represent you.

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Physical attendance of your ceremony is mandatory. Marriage without first divorcing is allowed if your spouse has abandoned you for the past five years and their whereabouts is unknown. You can't marry a descendant, ascendant, sibling, stepsibling, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew. Cousins are ok though. Choose a location Hi Tina. Go to any probate court.

You'll get your marriage license 24 hours after you apply. I need this information for my business plan for a bank loan for a wedding venue. The CDC has marriage stats up to If you need statistics, you'll have to contact the Greenville County Probate Court clerk. How can me and my boyfriend that's from Mexico and he only has a passport get married at the court house. Did you get info? Plz help. We want to marry on the sand at Folly Beach. IS there a listing or directory available to find an official that will marry us there?

Hi Nancy. You'll have to hire a minister or other type of officiant to perform your marriage like any other wedding professional for hire.

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Just search for South Carolina officiants in your area. You could also try contacting the Charleston County probate court for local recommendations. So, after we get our marriage license at the court house, are we legally married? Hi Ethan. Your marriage license merely permits you to marry. The ceremony is necessary to make your marriage legal. I hate downtown traffic, is there another location to apply for a marriage license besides University Ridge in Greenville County? No, Greenville County only has that one location.

follow url You don't have to apply in Greenville. You may apply in any South Carolina county, but the fees will vary.

You'll also probably miss out on the discounted fee for county residents. Not all counties provide the discount though. We want to get married but wait to have the ceremony till next year when we have more money. Is that an issue? Note: wherever you apply for your license will be where your license is held.

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A certified copy of a Marriage Licensed issued by the Dorchester County Probate Court may be obtained in person at the Probate Court office, during normal business hours. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Jump to subpage